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James Garcia
PO Box 714
Fenton MO 63026

S-31 head of 1794
VG-8, NOT certified
B-1794-03, Price:$900
Lovely planchet with perfect, original semi-glossy brown patina and low-contrast motifs. The edge has escaped any visible dings or damage, allowing the mostly-complete dentils to surround the obverse portrait within a pleasing frame.
G-6, NOT certified
B-1795-02, Price:$460
Quite decent planchet quality offers a mostly smooth surface on the obverse, and the reverse is very nice as well, aside from a few tiny black planchet voids. The obverse probably grades fully VG by itself, with the whole net grade brought down by a couple of points by weak areas of the reverse.
VG-8, NOT certified
B-1795-03, Price:$675
Very attractive overall color does cede in isolated highpoint areas to more recent reddish accents. Relatively smooth obverse texture mates to modest micro-porosity on the reverse, but neither side displays the slightest edge nick or surface damage to detract.
NGC F-12
B-1800-01, Price:$600
Sheldon-191 has not been indicated on the slab, but is simple to attribute as one of the two die-marriages showing the very popular 1800/798 three-digit overdate. The NGC grade of Fine is quite in keeping with strong central details, bold peripheral definition and excellent color, although we do note a few small low-contrast greyish patches on the obverse. They are more apparent in the image.
S-223, 1/000
VF-20, NOT certified
B-1801-01, Price:$800
Outstanding early copper quality includes even walnut-brown patina occupying the entire surface. The obverse doesn't display a single notable defect, while the reverse has a couple of brief old pin-scratches extending downward from STATES.

F-15, NOT certified
B-1802-02, Price:$280
No text description has been provided for this coin, and it is NOT certified. Please see image.
F-15, NOT certified
B-1802-03, Price:$425
Pecan accents on the bolder motifs helps bring out details against darker nut-brown fields. Surface shows a number of tiny but individually minor contact marks.
S-251, sm dt, sm fr
G-4, NOT certified
B-1803-01, Price:$75
Dark glossy brown with excellent detail for the grade level.
S-273, lg 7/6
F-12, NOT certified
B-1807-01, Price:$400
Gorgeous planchet displays terrific detail for the Fine grade level.
EF-45, NOT certified
B-1813-01, Price:$2,000
Well-known as a very difficult type to locate problem-free in better circulated grades, 1813 poses a particular challenge at AU levels. Substantial flowline texture still remains for this well detailed example, showing fine velvety presence in the walnut-brown fields of both sides. The obverse features slightly nicer planchet quality than the reverse, since the latter side has a few more shallow abrasions present.
MS-63 RB, NOT certified
B-1817-01, Price:$1,750
Abundant glimpses of mint orange color interplay with delicate lilac accents throughout both sides. Stars toward the right do not show full inner definition, nor does the hair bun, this being the typical case for N-10. Perhaps a carbon spot or two on the obverse are also inevitable for such a Randall hoard cent, but pleasing luster drives the overall eye-appeal.
MS-64 RB, NOT certified
B-1818-01, Price:$1,750
The obverse shows really minor carbon flecks, and a singular carbon spot can be seen on the reverse at 'T' for this very choice Randall hoard survivor. Prodigious luster roams the fields and energizes the 'look' that is so popular with type collectors.
MS-63, NOT certified
B-1818-03, Price:$1,050
Fifteen to twenty percent red, with perhaps a bit more vibrancy on the reverse.
MS-64 RB, NOT certified
B-1819-01, Price:$1,750
Impressive eye-appeal resonates with lovely orange and mahogany luster, and the reverse appears to be more than one-half red. A thin toning streak connects the obverse left rim to Liberty's nose.

ex-NGC MS-66 BN
B-1837-01, Price:$2,500
No text description has been provided for this coin, but it IS certified. Please see image.

VF-20, NOT certified
B-1837-02, Price:$100
No text description has been provided for this coin, and it is NOT certified. Please see image.

B-1840-01, Price:$320
Exceedingly original, some finely powdered verdigris lurks in protected areas, though the overall appearance pleases the eye with perfect mahogany-brown color. Sharp as can be and free from distractions save a small bag mark in the field above Liberty's portrait.
Lg Dt
VF-20, NOT certified
B-1842-01, Price:$30
Smooth brown with dull, faint old scratches on the reverse.
partial collar
B-1844-01, Price:$80
Partial collar strike, per NGC. This is the exact same coin that old at Heritage on July 2013 for $80.

VF, NOT certified
B-1845-01, Price:$60
No text description has been provided for this coin, and it is NOT certified. Please see image.
VF-20, NOT certified
B-1853-03, Price:$33
Simple, average, normal brown type example.
Lg Dt
EF-40, NOT certified
B-1857-01, Price:$270
Very original with traces of ashy verdigris still visible.