Show Report
2016 FUN (Tampa, FL)

    The last good show for me was ANA 2015, which I would have actually described as a fantastic show. Since then, I have set up at five shows, and all have been mediocre at best. Therefore, cash flow in is the primary goal. My plan is to curtail buying unless coins prices are incredibly attractive, or sales happen to be incredible (which I completely do not expect).

    Outstanding! On Thursday, I got exactly a single potty break due to heavy crowds at my table, Friday was slightly less busy (I got perhaps three potty breaks), and Saturday saw the usual slow down. On Sunday, I remained til the bitter end, and sold $1000 and bought $1000 that day.

    My usual focus on early type mostly flew out the window for FUN. What sold the best, strangely enough, were small cents! I sold my two nicest 1859 Indian cents (PCGS MS-63 and gorgeous, PCGS VF-30), as well as an 1877 (PCGS VF-20). I had two 1877s in stock, the VF-20 and a F-15, that the purchaser literally spent 30 minutes debating over. I honestly tried to steer him toward the less expensive F-15, but as he and his wife discussed them side by side, they eventually came to the realization that the VF-20 had a level of detail they wanted from their entire collection, although my F-15 has superior color, in my opinion. Other small cents sold included a lovely 1931-S Choice BU with lovely emerald coloring and a 1931-D Very Choice BU with gorgeous album toning. One BHNC customer did walk away with five upgrade Capped Bust half-dollars, all duplicates to upgrade his set, and took his in on trade. Also odd for my core business, I sold two certified seated quarters, 1857 (PCGS MS-63) and 1877 (NGC MS-61) to type collectors. A handful of Morgans and a blazing 1940-S dime (NGC MS-66 FB) rounded out the memorable sales.

    I brought in some copper, including an 1851 half-cent (Choice UNC) and 1800 cent (NGC F-12, a trifle spotty but bold), a couple of mid-grade bust dimes, several bust half-dollars (mostly trades), five non-common Morgans, a roll of BU 1922 Peace dollars, a fabulous 1846 Seated dollar, and a number of minor purchases that will mostly fill into my box of "dealer only net price" box. Not a single coin was otherworldly, but my goal was to limit purchases in order to increase cash flow. Mission accomplished!

    FUN 2016 was a welcome opportunity to start 2016 in a little better cash position. With Long Beach and ANA looming, I really wanted a fair reserve of cash available to fill want lists. Given that I expected another poor show after several mediocre shows in a row, FUN was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't exactly a killer show, since I had to reduce margins 3% - 5% more than usual to get sales, but given the low expectation going in, I'd rate this show a solid "B".